Being a Good DJ, Master of Ceremonies

Everyone enjoys that time of year around Christmas when the parties start to begin.  Parties such as school, office, and church parties are very bright and exciting.  When you are one of those individuals who work hard in an office all year around, it is refreshing to be able to let go and have fun with those individuals who you work next to.  However, planning an amazing, outstanding, and unforgettable Christmas party takes a lot of thought and work.  Carefully planning everything to the last detail is the perfect way to throw the best and most entertaining Christmas party that all of your co-workers will never be able to forget.

I recently DJed a medium-sized Christmas party  for the employees and families at Mercer Plumbers of Trenton, NJ.  For lots of parties, there are two schools of thought: 1) do it all yourself or 2) hire someone to do it.  You can get the best bang for your buck by doing some combo of the two.  I listed off some ideas and criteria to make your next office party great!

When you begin to plan, start as soon as possible.  There are many places to have a Christmas party but they will fill up quickly, and so the sooner you begin to start the party planning, the better it will be to find the perfect place to enjoy your time.  Making sure to give everyone a date for the part as soon as you can so that everyone will be prepared and ready once the part time has come to light.  It is important to remember to send everyone an invitation.  This will make it official as well as giving everyone something to look forward to.  Do not forget to include someone, make sure that every individual receives an invitation.  When you set the place for your office Christmas party, try your best to have the party away from work.  It is hard to have a wonderful time when you are only five feet away from where you usually work all day long.

Whenever you find the perfect place for the get together, make sure it is easy to find, always  make sure that their is a reliable taxi service for the end of the night so that everyone can get home safely, and make sure that the atmosphere inside of the establishment is light and brings the feeling of fun and celebrations.  If you have no other choice but to have your party inside of the office, make sure to find a big enough room and away from the normal working area.  You want the atmosphere, as well as the surrounding environment, to have a fun and festive feel to it.  Most importantly, you want everyone who is there to enjoy the party to have a wonderful time, without thinking about their daily work.
As with many events and parties, it is always a good idea to set a theme for your Christmas party.  When you set a theme for your party, it is prudent to remember that this theme is what will set the mood for your co-workers.  When setting a theme for your get together, make sure that whoever will be attending will be able to enjoy it.  This is the chance for you to get created.  You can do a Christmas themed party for example, such as the best Christmas hat or dress, and you can even make an activity for the party group.  Activities such as a hunt or even a murder mystery with clues will get everyone excited and in the mood to have a wonderful and eventful evening.  Make sure that these activities include a lot of fun and excitement.
When it comes to the food, you will want to make an incredibly menu plan.  It is important to include every individual’s taste when planning your party menu.  If you have a large group from your office attending, the most beneficial plan would be to make sure and make the food a buffet option.  This will give everyone the chance to be able to find exactly what they like to eat.  Every person has a different taste when it comes to food and you want to make sure that everyone will be able to be satisfied with the food and the drinks that will be served at the Christmas party.  It is also important to make sure that the food that will be served is plentiful.  You do not want to run out of food way before the party is even over with, and remember that the drinks will more than likely be flowing non-stop, seeing that it is a party.  It will be prudent to double check your drinks and be sure that there will be enough to last for the entire length of the party.  If you run out of drinks then you will end up having most of the partiers heading home earlier than you would have wanted.
Even though the Christmas party is for everyone in the office with yourself included, since you are the one who is planning it, you will need to be sure and meet and greet every individual as they enter and let them know where they can put their hats and jackets.  A warm and happy greeting is what begins any type of party, therefore, you will want to make every person feels welcome as soon as they walk in the door.  To make the events of the party flow even smoother, make sure that you have a seating chart ready.  As each individual walks inside the door let them know in which direction they should go.  To break the ice with those co-workers who do not work closely to each other, sitting them at the same table with each other is a wonderful way to get everyone involved within the conversation.  Making new friends is always a fun thing to do.  If you are aware of the fact that some are more on the quiet side, it would be beneficial to have them seated at the same table as an individual who is outspoken or even funny.  This is an easy way to break the ice amongst the co-workers.
When you think about entertainment, music is the best option to choose from.  However, you will need to be sure that the music you choose is a style that can be appreciated by many, as well as helping to set the proper atmosphere for the party.  You will want music that gets people out of their seats to mingle and dance to.  If there is an individual who you work with that also knows how to DJ, then choosing them to participate in that way for the party entertainment is a fun experience for the whole group.  If you want to have an even more entertaining evening, adding a karaoke machine to the event is a perfect way for everyone to laugh and have the most amazing time that none of them will ever be able to forget.  During all of this fun and excitement, make sure you take a numerous amount of photos.  This is a way for everyone to be able to enjoy the party even after everyone is back in the daily swing of work.  You can put silly photos in the company newsletter so that everyone will be able to enjoy the memories of the most amazing Christmas party that they have ever had.
In conclusion, taking the time to think through all of the details for the Christmas party that you are planning, will greatly benefit you along with everyone else in your office.  You need to plan all of the party by doing plenty of research and attention to detail.  Planning a Christmas party takes time and patience.  You will want to be absolutely sure that everyone and anyone who attends will forever remember the uniqueness and significance that you helped bring into their lives.

Being a Good DJ, Weddings

How to Ensure Your Wedding DJ Plays the Right Music

The music at a given wedding is going to make all the difference in the world for a lot of people. Some individuals want to keep everything very traditional and classic at their wedding when it comes to the music. Other people are interested in being as individualistic as possible, so they’re going to want to avoid all of the old favorites. People have such contradictory ideas of what constitutes great wedding music that in many cases, the DJ’s are going to have to know in advance what they should and should not play. When it comes to knowing how to ensure your wedding DJ plays the right music, it ultimately all comes down to preparation and communication. Wedding DJ’s have lots of options that just need to be narrowed down.

Check the dang playlist!

For one thing, it is important to check on the DJ’s playlist or potential playlist before the wedding. People who are going to take the DJ route have already decided against getting live music, which is already going to give them a specific set of options. Wedding DJ’s are going to have ideas in mind for what they’re going to play at a given wedding ceremony, and it is important to steer them in the right direction.

Make sure the DJ knows what you like.

Ultimately, couples need to make sure that their DJ’s know what they like. Some people have a certain set of songs that they hate so much that they would more or less ruin any wedding reception. DJ’s aren’t always going to know what those are, even if they need to be able to have their eyes and their ears open for the songs that have become unpopular at wedding receptions for whatever reason.

Still, when DJ’s do not receive the proper level of instruction, they are probably going to have to end up treating a given wedding reception like it is a generic wedding reception, and they will choose their tunes accordingly. The people who want a generic wedding reception will probably be fine with that. The people who don’t are going to need to make sure that the people who are in charge of making things happen know what they need to do.

It’s all about communication.

It should be noted that communicating with wedding DJ’s in advance certainly does not mean micro-managing the wedding ceremony. Some people might worry that there is nothing left for the DJ to do in this circumstance, which just isn’t true. They can still go through the selection of songs and decide to play different songs at different times.

They’re still going to need to get a sense of what the crowd wants and what the audience wants, even if they know what the newly married couple wants in advance. Essentially, communicating with DJ’s in advance manages to help narrow down the huge range of options that they have, but it is not going to manage to restrict them much more than that. Otherwise, they’re still going to be able to work effectively.

Master of Ceremonies, Weddings

Many people agonize over the best time of year to have a wedding. People want their weddings to be as special as possible, while at the same time wanting everything to go according to plan and to have the best experiences that they possibly can. That which is ideal is not always unique, so managing to strike both notes requires a lot of careful planning.

Naturally, bad weather can damage any wedding. In order to determine the best time of year to have a wedding, people need to really think about all of the costs and benefits that are associated with each individual season.


People who are looking for the most unique time of the year to have a wedding may consider having a winter wedding. Fewer people have winter weddings, so the people who do decide to have them are going to manage to stand out automatically. The most popular wedding venues are going to be a lot easier to secure during the wintertime, since there will be less competition for them. The winter has a certain unconventional beauty to it as well, and there is something special about being able to show appreciation for it. Lots of people like indoor weddings anyway, and they’re not going to miss out on anything with their winter weddings.

Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding

However, winter weddings are rare for a reason. Many people are going to risk snowstorms or ice storms during their winter weddings, depending on the climate in question. The wintertime is also a time for a lot of seasonal holidays in many cultures, which is just going to make planning a wedding that works for many of the guests that much more difficult.


Spring weddings are very popular. Spring is associated with new beginnings in many cultures, which is going to make spring a popular time of year in which to have a wedding. The floral themes that lend themselves to spring weddings work well for all weddings, so the aesthetics of spring make for a perfect wedding backdrop. People can enjoy indoor or outdoor weddings in this warm but not hot time of year.

Spring Wedding
Spring Wedding

Naturally, spring is also a season that is highly associated with rain. People who dread getting rain on their wedding days should think about this in advance. There’s also the fact that there are plenty of holidays around the springtime that might create scheduling conflicts for family members and friends. Since spring weddings are popular, the wedding venues that people can choose are going to be harder to reserve as well.


Summer weddings are perhaps the most popular of all. In the United States, having a June wedding at a fancy hotel is often regarded as being the pinnacle of wedding ceremonies. Many people are going to want to have summer weddings on that basis alone. They’ll have the sunshine and a sense that they’re having truly idealized fairy tale weddings. There are comparatively few summer holidays in many cultures, which should make these weddings easier to schedule.

Summer Wedding
Summer Wedding

Of course, the sheer popularity of summer weddings is going to make them that much more difficult to schedule for anyone. There is also the fact that the summer heat is going to be a hazard for a lot of people. Individuals who want more unique weddings might not want to choose the season that is most popularly associated with culturally ideal weddings.


Fall weddings have a way of satisfying a lot of people’s concerns all at once. They’re not as popular as spring or summer weddings, but more popular than winter weddings. There are lots of fall holidays, but not compared to winter or spring holidays. Fall is also associated with transitions, giving it some powerful symbolism for the people who are getting married.

Fall Wedding
Fall Wedding

Fall weddings manage to be unique, but they’re not as potentially problematic as winter weddings. Of course, fall can sometimes be too cold for a lot of people. Individuals with children are often unusually busy during the fall, which can present some problems.

Ultimately, the best time of the year to have a wedding is up to the couple in question and their families. However, it is important to remember that certain times of the year are popular for a reason with regards to weddings.


DJs are often scheduled for all kinds of different occasions and events. From playing music for a wedding reception to making sure an individual’s birthday celebration can be described as over the top. Regardless to the event or reason, people who fill these positions must be able to perform well or they may not be called again for a repeat. In any case, to ensure the DJ has the best sound possible, they may need to search around the music technology industry to see what is available. Since some Dj software programs are much better than others, its best to shop around to see what the top applications are in this field and what features are offered.

To that end, here’s 3 DJ software applications that people should review closely prior to making an investment.

1) Traktor Pro 2

Traktor Pro 2 can be found on the top of the list because it is a coveted favorite software applicationsby many DJs around the U.S. and abroad. With this software application, the DJ can provide their audience with the best sound quality. Also, if the DJ is running late and do not have a lot of time for set up before the event begins, it is best to invest in the Traktor Pro 2, especially since it has been designed to work quickly. Further this program was released in 2011 and it has had several essential upgrades since that date.

Traktor PRO Screenshot
Traktor PRO Screenshot

Therefore, the developers have had a significant amount of time to listen to user feedback so that they can make considerable improvements. With the recent upgrades, DJs are allows to perform a diversity of functions including seamlessly syncing track meta data from TRAKTOR PRO to TRAKTOR DJ. People who use this software application are usually pleased with its overall performance because of its range and quality of effects. For instance, DJs utilize various features including delay, flanger, and reverb.

2) VirtualDJ

VirtualDJ can be described as a sleek program that tends to go underrated by many professionals in the industry. Even though it is seen as one of the best options for those that’s interested in video competes and mixing, some people may not recognize how invaluable that this set up can can actually be.

VirtualDJ Screenshot
VirtualDJ Screenshot

In fact, the popularity of the set-up is in great demand because it is currently being downloadded across the board in a diversity of target markets. Fortunately, there are many reasons why this software application is so successful and that is it can operate 4 individual decks at once. Also, one of the beauties of this kind of software application is that the user can set up the playlists and delete it with ease via an iTunes account.

3) Ableton

Ableton can be described as one of the powerhouses in the DJ industry. This is because many of its features are already hard for others to compete with.

Ableton Screenshot
Ableton Screenshot

For instance, The Push hardware that was developed by Akai Professional assists greatly with improving how well the DJ can operate their MIDI with the software. Additionally, it has a new browser that consists of instrument-based categories.

Being a Good DJ

Social Media Marketing – Common Mistakes By DJ’s

For DJs, social media marketing could be the way to make it big. For bloggers, Social Media Marketing could be the way to extend the outreach. A good Disc Jockey knows how to reach out to people and get in more audience.

However, there are certain mistakes that most DJ’s make when they enter the world of Social Media Marketing. Here are some of the DJ marketing tips for social media that can help you do better.

Mistake 1: Trying to make everyone follow you!

Do you want to make people follow you when they are not interested? Uninterested people are definitely not an asset in the long run. If your followers are not responsive, you might just be left with numbers. So, try to make people interested in the products you sell and focus on what you are trying to do.

Mistake 2: Simply Publishing Your Blog Posts!

Your blog might have the best content – interesting and amazing content which you believe all would cherish. So, when your blog does get a real low number of visitors you are bound to get baffled. Truth is, just publishing posts do not help. You need to promote the posts too. Of course, SEO is one way, but good Social Media Marketing is a better one.

Also, if you are trying to market your content, remember to include pictures in your posts. It is really a necessity because readers do not only want to read texts but also view pictures about them. You can promote your blog posts with interesting pictures to grow the reader base.

Mistake 3: Not Doing Enough To Get noticed!

Why should people follow you? You will need DJ marketing tips for social media that works. With the plethora of updates and statuses on social media sites, you are sure to find it difficult to get noticed. Your status or update will soon be lost in the ocean of other statuses. So, what do you do to make it stand out? Well, first, why not make it interesting? You could italicize your text, put it in capital letters the parts of the text which you want to focus on and write updates which are sure to get the reader’s attention.

Mistake 4: Making False Promises

It is pretty easy to give false promises and make new followers. But it is not worth it. In the long run, it will never work. Instead, try advertising on Facebook and other sites if you want to make more people follow you. The main priority is to extend the reach without spending much and Facebook Ads, for instance, could be the perfect alternative.

Mistake 5: Not Interacting Enough!

You know you want to promote yourself. But why will people buy like you? You need to interact with your fans and followers. Make your customers and visitors feel that you care for them. Address their questions and concerns. Make people develop a bonding. Bonding with your Disc Jockey business could be a wonderful way to promote yourself. More, it helps develop trust between you and the visitors and is a great tool for Social Media Marketing.


How do you choose a wedding venue that will fit all your wedding needs?

For every man and woman, one of the best moments in life is to go through one’s wedding. Walking down the aisle or saying the vows, the entire experience is amazing. However, if it’s your wedding, chances are you will be worried. After all, there are tons of things that can go wrong. The first worry is the seating arrangements. Are the arrangements enough for the guests? Here is a look at some of the common problems people face. When you are deciding on the right wedding venue, here are some of the things that you need to take into account. The big three:

1) Food problems

Is the food served properly to the guests? What food items should be on offer? Eating is an integral part of the guest experience in a wedding and you need to treat your guests luxuriously. Check if the place for eating will be big enough to accommodate all the guests.

2) Coordination problems

Everything needs to be synchronized in your wedding. From when the band plays to when the food is served and to who looks after your guests. Unless you have professionals attending to this, coordination can go haywire leading to various problems.

3) Location problems

Which place should your wedding be in? Do you need an open space or do you want the wedding to be held indoors? There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. A wrong choice of the location can lead to disastrous consequences. For example, you should never choose an open space in the monsoon season – you do not want your visitors and wedding guests to be soaked in water, do you?

Wedding DJ Dancers

Apart from these it’s also important to consider a number of other factors. This will help you know how to choose a wedding venue.


How much can you spend? In order to make the wedding a success, you need to ensure that you incorporate all the elements required within your budget. Plan your budget and chalk out the amount spent on each of the elements. This will help cover all the aspects of the event.

Order things before time

All the items required for the wedding must be delivered well before time to avoid any last minutes hassles. For example, if a set of chairs and tables or projector is required in the evening during the event, ensure that it is delivered at the venue in the morning only.

Rehearsals are important

It is very important that you gather all the supplies to have a thorough rehearsal of the event a day or two before the actual wedding takes place. This will help change any faulty equipment and make alterations in the series of events as required.

Having the proper coordination and taking the right decisions can be the differentiating factor between just having a wedding and having a wedding that you will remember down the years and cherish. When you are thinking on how to choose a wedding venue, these are the things that will help you get the right venue.

Master of Ceremonies

Disc jockeys or Djs are professionals that plays music for audiences. These individuals usually work at radio stations, on television and for parties and events. There are different types of DJ’s and some of the most common types play for radio stations and for live shows. When a DJ performs for the public they always will fall into one type of category. These categories can be used by a beginning DJ to figure out where they belong.

1) Professional DJ’s

All professional DJ’s have attended some type of broadcasting school where they received a degree in a field such as broadcasting, journalism or communications. These individuals are professionals that work on major radio and television programs. They can also work online on podcasts or on streaming video channels.


Professional DJ’s get paid for their work. This is a regular 9 to 5 for these individuals. Their primary job is to promote music artists and to provide entertainment, information and news to the public. A professional DJ might be required to make public appearances and to help community events. Many professional DJ’s are live on-air personalities that are well known in their communities. Professional DJ’s often move from their deejay positions to become a producer, supervisor and even a radio station owner.

2) Party and Mobile DJ’s

Many deejays make a living playing at parties and events within their local communities. These individuals are usually well known, upbeat and popular personalities that have the ability to rock a party and to get a crowd moving. Mobile deejays are a subset of party deejays with the only difference being is that they frequently move around to provide music and entertainment at local events.

Some deejays will play at a local club, restaurant, strip club or bar. These individuals work at these places like a regular job. Some deejays exclusively work parties while others might do weddings, local concerts, festivals and special gatherings. These individuals often get paid a fee for their work though many do this on a part time basis.

3) Special Events Deejays

Special events deejays tend to work exclusively in large venues such as sports arenas, concert venues or at fairs. These individuals usually work exclusively in these areas and they do not waste their time in any other place. Special events deejays play music and keeps the crowds informed about the event as it unfolds. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that people are being entertained and are having a good time.

Special events deejays also throw their own concerts. This is seen by many EDM artists who are in fact deejays. Some hip hop deejays fall into this category as well. Some people will pay money to see these deejays perform because they are in high demand and make good music. A good deejay that falls into this category can have millions of fans to come out and visit them at a show. These are the basic categories for a DJ and all people who provide music for a party, local event or on air fall into one of these three categories.


Why All-In-One Controllers Are Perfect for New DJs

It should be noted that DJ’s now have options when it comes to the controllers that they use, which is why the debate over the all-in-one controllers versus the modular controllers has arisen in the first place. There is no single industry standard that is going to potentially limit the development of the new DJ’s who are just getting started in the industry. However, there really isn’t a status-based hierarchy involved at present when it comes to the modular controllers as opposed to the all-in-one controllers. New DJ’s can actually explore their options easily. Many of them will find out why all-in-one controllers are perfect for new djs.

The Benefits of All-In-One Controllers

They’re Less Expensive

One of the main benefits of all-in-one controllers is the simple fact that they are going to be more economical than the majority of modular controllers that people are going to find. In one interface, DJ’s will have access to a sound card, set of deck controls, and a mixing section. People are getting several modular controllers all in one, and it is hard to beat that from an economic perspective. Many new DJ’s probably shouldn’t be taking too much of an economic risk when they’re just getting started, so it makes sense for them to get the all-in-one controllers.

They’re More Portable

The all-in-one controllers that new DJ’s are going to be able to secure should also be portable. New DJ’s may not have stable employment, at least compared to many of the more established and experienced DJ’s. DJ’s who are going to be traveling between different gigs will manage to save themselves a lot of time and energy by getting the all-in-one controllers that are actually portable and easy to carry. It’s also easier to lose and to forget important parts of the modular controllers, which is just going to make it that much less convenient for new DJ’s to use them.

They’re Easy to Use

Naturally, all-in-one controllers are going to be easier to use than modular controllers, which is going to be particularly important for new DJ’s. There is a learning curve involved with absolutely all professions. DJ’s need to manage to get used to the work environment and all of the other aspects of the business before they can really manage to excel at their crafts. The all-in-one controllers are at least going to manage to make this one aspect of the job much easier.

As DJ’s gain more experience, they can start to experiment with the many different types of controllers that are available to them. They might decide that they want to start working with the modular controllers later on, since these devices certainly have their own benefits. However, newer DJ’s are better off minimizing the risks involved and going with the all-in-one controllers that are going to help give them the experience that they need. They might still continue to use these devices over the course of their careers, however, since all-in-one controllers really do have a lot going for them for even the most experienced DJ’s.


It’s a fact that a good wedding experience is accompanied by decent entertainment to keep guests engaged throughout the session. However, this kind of entertainment is hard to come by. Unless you know how to hand-pick the best wedding DJs in town, it can turn into a daunting task, trying to find a disk jockey who truly knows their job.

So whether this is your wedding or a friend’s wedding and you’ve been entrusted with the task of finding a good disk jockey, there are certain qualities you have to look in a wedding DJ before asking them to come over.

The following are five qualities of a great wedding DJ you must look out for:

1) How are they able to interact with other people?

Disk jockeying is a job that is performed in a social environment. So regardless of how well they know how to select the kind of music that entertains the masses, their social skills should be at par with standards. They shouldn’t be reserved or shy for that matter.

Sometimes DJs get away with it. However, if they are also going to double up as MC or master of ceremony, then this trait is definitely a must. They should be able to talk fluently without awkward pauses.

If they are going to serve as an MC, they will definitely need to know how to create conversations in any situation. If they can throw in a few jokes occasionally, they’ll make a positive and upbeat wedding event.

2) Knowledge

Going by the few minutes you’ve interacted with a wedding DJ, you’ll be able to know upfront whether the DJ knows their job like the palm of their hands or not.

For example, if you know a few lines to a song and are not sure of the artist or the name of that song, just ask them which song it is, and they will name it right away. If they can’t, you should question their knowledge.

In addition to their knowledge, they should be able to tell you about all their equipment and why they choose to work with specific brand of mp3 player as opposed to another one. They should also be able to explain to you how certain software in their PC is best in beat-matching, syncing and so on.

3) Adaptability

Will the DJ listen to your entertainment needs and that of your guests as well? Will they take note of all your requests or even suggest their own ideas to contribute in making the wedding even more fun to attend?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know upfront about their adaptability when you conduct a one-on-one interview with them. So your safest bet would be to look for outside reviews from past clients they’ve worked with.

You should be concerned with how well the DJ was able to adapt to the energy of the crowd they were entertaining. If you have contact information for past clients, it would be helpful reaching them to find out the level of adaptability the wedding DJ showed the crowd.

4) Special skills

There are certain instances when wedding attendees will speak different languages other than English. If it’s a large wedding, it’s very likely that you will receive guests who speak Spanish, French and other languages as well.

This is where a bilingual wedding DJ comes in. But this is only relevant when you are expecting guests from different walks of life.

Lighting is also an important requirement in wedding events. Lighting enhances the overall visual experience of the wedding event. Good lighting will also influence the mood of your guests. This calls for a wedding DJ who understands the science of lighting. With respect to this, they should be equipped with LED lighting equipment, mirror balls and so on.

5) Reliability

Once you get hold of a few past clients, you can ask whether the DJ was punctual, or whether they showed up with all equipment plus backup, just in case emergencies happened. You might also want to know if they followed through all their promises like they had said.

Finally, if the wedding DJ you’ve set your eyes on is able to tick the 5 points above, then it means they are good at what they do. You should hire them for your wedding event because chances of getting disappointed are slim.